How to Make a Website In 5 Easy Steps Using HostGator

You’ve got things to say, right?  We all do, and whether it’s about the importance of unicorn preservation, the event collapse of the global economy, or the proper way to pronounce “potato”, the world wants and needs to know about it.  These days, the best way to get attention of the general masses is going to be through a blog.  Ready to jump into the blogosphere?  Here are all of the tips to help make it a success.

1. Buy the right hosting package.

Before you can start typing away to the world on a website, you’ll first need to choose where your website lives — think of a host like a neighbourhood and/or house for your website. HostGator offers several hosting packages, but the best one for the job is going to be the shared hosting plan. The most popular one is the Baby plan and it give you unlimited domains!  For those that want to have multiple blogs and websites, this is definitely going to be the way to go.  This also makes it easy to modify or upgrade your domain later if you want to. This step is important, too, in that you want to pick a web host that give you the most feature for the lowest cost. After all, you want to get the most bang for your buck, right?  HostGator is going to give you a package jammed with features and special touches that you won’t find waiting for with Squrespace or GoDaddy. They also prioritize customer support so that no one is left in the dark.  Plus, you can also enjoy a savings with our special coupon!

2. Carefully choose and register the right domain name for your blog.

Now that you’ve chosen HostGator as your new online home, you’ll want to go to its Domain Registration section. This where you’ll have to put careful planning into choosing our domain name. It should be related to the theme of your blog, but still unique enough that it hasn’t been chosen yet. Once that’s done, you can set up your username and password information to adjust your HostGator account. This is followed by billing information and taking a look through the add-on services that you can include, such as SSL certificates or site back up. Once you’re ready to check out, you can enter your code HOTPICKGAT for 55% off and enjoy some extra savings that you can put toward an upgrade or anything else you’ve been considering.

3. Bring in WordPress for simply blogging.

Now that you’ve got your website up and going, it’s time to get your blog up! You’ll need to install WordPress on your HostGator website — by far the most popular blogging software.

4. Connect your WordPress blog with your domain.

Once you’ve got that up and going, you can enter the blog title for your blog. This should ideally match the domain name you’ve chosen, or some variation of it. Put in your admin information like your username and email, etc for extra protection and inside access. When you’ve got it all ready to go, you can press “install” and it’ll pop up when you’re done!

5. Ready, set, blog!

You’re now officially ready to write your first blog post! This is an exciting adventure and it’s sure to be a secure, fun and accessible one when you use HostGator to get your blog to readers’ virtual doorsteps.

 If you want cost-effective, secure and trusted hosting for your very own personal website and blog, this guide will get you there in no time. Just don’t forget to use the code to get you more savings: HOTPICKGAT at the checkout!

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